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About Me

I am 42 years old at this moment in 2020. (Not the one in the picture :)
Currently working as a Project Manager for an international company.
Study Systems Engineering, Radio and Tv Production also attended the Criminal Investigations School.
I am currently married, have an older son he is going to turn 18 this year, my wife have one little 10 years old boy who I also love and is part of me.

G F.


About me

I went from happyness to sadness and then back to the light

At the beginning same as you already probably did, or avoiding or going to, visited a physician, visited shamans, yoga people, church, all the weird things that you can imagine. The weirdest was the Shaman, can you imagine yourself in underwear with another man, and he started saying some words and blowing smoke over me, pretending to make me feel that I was going to be protected from all of those things happening to me.

I know that if you got here probably did it through the Ashwagandha Benefits Instagram page, and I know that I made the story long, but it is the best way I though to tell it, I know that my story on an Ashwangandha Benefits page makes no sense, as you probably just want me to let you know how by a miracle you will not suffer from anything anymore, but I can't do that, because my interest is not to make money from your problems, I have to tell you my story so that you can probably identify one of the stages with what is happening with you at this moment, it doesn't matter if you are a man or a woman, we all suffer in different ways.

My situation started when I got divorced the first time, my problem was not my ex-wife (not because of love, but because a promise was going get broken), my son, the light of my day and the start of my night, when I was 25 years old I know that I was ready to become a father, probably the person I chose was not the best one, but who knows? How do we know that it is the right person? Yes, you are right, that is why you have to date that person for a while (few months or better years) before you even plan to create a life with that person, because it is better to learn on the journey how that person is, that know that person while you just got marry with her. Because right there the game changes, is like playing the lottery you never know when you will hit the jackpot. Well... this is what happened to me, after few months, my life has changed. But there was a problem, she always felt guilty for her old boyfriend which never let her to go on and be happy, and of course that affect all of us including my son.

Then we move from one country to another, between up and downs, trying to get over of some bad things that happened in the past, but it was not possible for me, I was not able to let that go, I know that women forgive more than we do, and that is a fact, but I was not able to, not even for my beautiful son, and then one day we split up, I remember that day because I step out the house so sad, my car was at the shop, took a cab and then get in, while driving the cab driver (an old man) look at me and asked me, heeey what's going on? Is everything alright? Then it is the right moment so that you can open yourself with someone, I told him yes, that I was going through a lot of things, problems, fights, and that I was not able to get the divorce because of my son, and then he told me that magic words "Would you like your son to grow up with his parents, the ones that fight day and night?" or "Would you like your son to know the kind of father that you really are"?... Then I chose the last one, I look at him and told him thank you. At night that day, I told her, called the attorney then he did the papers, next day, done, between tears and other things, our families were there.

I didn't knew what was about to happen, right after that phase, I said to myself I am going to be alone for 1 year, no girlfriends, I can go out, do things, but I will not lie to any girl, I have to be able to recover and learn from what just happened, but that is what I though, I didn't knew about what she got in mind, well, it happened that she tried to block any contact from me and my son, I was not able to see him I was not able to call him, it was because after 1.5 months she was already dating with some other guy, that didn't bother me at all, the only thing is that I wanted to see my son, and that she knew can put me down to my knees, there were times that I cried by myself at the house alone, drinking, smoking, going out at night, nothing worked, believe me, if you are doing it now it won't work, I did it all, night clubs, strip clubs, everything. When my son was born I told him that I will never leave him, and she was making that thing worst. (I am not trying to say that I am an angel, of course I made my mistakes). I wasn't able to sleep, I went to the office almost drunk, I was a mess. Then after few months of that situation I sent her a text message "If you want me away from my son, it's okay, I'll move to another country, but when my son looks for me, I will tell him why it happen", then other than sudden, she changed, I was able to visit take my son with me, call him, everything I was happy, but all the damage was already made.

Probably the time that I was not able to contact my son was between 2 or 3 months, and that started something inside me, something that I was not able to fight because it was invisible... One day I was having dinner with a friend, and then it started, I was at the table almost waiting to order dinner, and suddenly I gasped, my arms stiffened, I saw everything blurred, I breathed fast, I poured water on my face, I didn't know what to do, my friend asked the people from the restaurant to call an ambulance ... When they got me in, they put me to bed, they took my pulse, all the protocol, and suddenly, I started crying unintentionally, I wasn't sad, I wasn't thinking about anything, I just cried... 

The paramedic said "you have problems right?", And I said I had them, but did not know how much they had affected me. After that they took me to the hospital and it was the first time that I heard the word anxiety, but I didn't pay attention to it. After that, I visited the hospital every day, until my doctor sent me general exams, heart, blood, everything ... It turns out that after all that, my Dr. only tells me, what is happening to you is in your head, you must go to the psychologist, I left there thinking, what? Never! I don't need one ...

So, I kept visiting the hospital thinking that I was going to die every time, I couldn't sleep because I felt like I wasn't going to wake up anymore, I couldn't go to the mall because people overwhelmed me, I felt like they were coming on me, I couldn't go far away from a hospital always needed one, until I went to the psychologist, and the psychologist sent me to the psychiatrist ... That day Dr diagnosed me with panic attacks and anxiety, also post traumatic stress ... I never thought I had everything that inside me, I asked the Dr. how that could happen, and when she knew my story she understood ... for the first time I was taking pills and drops to control myself, not to cry, not to feel that life was going away when exhaled ...

I use Rivotril (Clonazepam), Dogmatil and others, sometimes I felt that it was not me, I had to walk with the small bottle of Rivotril in my pocket, because if I did not have it would not come out, I had the trauma that would give me an attack on the street. .. After years of taking Rivotril, of visits to the Dr, of almost fainting on the street, I heard about the Ashwagandha, I started to read, and it is what I swear it was the only thing that helped me, the first thing I felt after taking it For almost 2 weeks (I had no faith) it was that I no longer felt sadder, and I had no depression, and without depression there is no anxiety or anything else, that's why I tell my story, why it happened to me, and you It can help you, listen to worse cases, despite the fact that mine was serious, I heard from people who did not leave their house, I forced myself to overcome this, and my first reason was my son, if you don't have a son, the reason is you !!! :)...

I know that you can get better, I DID! I Am married with to beautiful and caring woman, and we have another member in the family as well, you can make it, believe me!

Love and blessings...


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Can I take Ashwagandha daily?

Well, how I started was:
First week started with one pill a day (650mg)
Second week I then took 2 pills a day, one in the morning and one around 7:00PM (1300mg)
Then continue like that for the rest of my time.
You will noticed I am telling you, after the second week you are going to start feeling better, different, you will not be feeling sad anymore, I don't like to say it because you will be waiting for that day and it will create anxiety on you, but that's what worked for me, all we are different creatures. (Some people reported to feel different after the first week) 
You have to understand something Ashwagandha is an adaptogen, which means that it will make your body to adapt again to itself, to recover naturally.


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